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Remember, when you play our games, go on our websites or use our other services, you give us information about yourself.

We can use your information to:

Get you the right services and support (e.g., make sure you have the best player experience)

Always make our games and services better

Keep in touch with you (e.g., answer your questions)

Check that there is no fraud or security problems, and run other necessary checks

Do marketing and advertising (e.g., show you our other games that you may like)

We must have a valid reason to use your information based on European data protection law. It’s called the “lawful basis for processing“.

Sometimes, that valid reason is that you agreed. It's called your “consent”. Other times, we have another valid reason, and we don't ask your permission before using your information.

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We don't need to ask for your consent to use your information to:

Deliver our services to you (e.g., provide our games or chat services)

Keep in touch with you (e.g., answer your questions)

Do what we have to do legally (e.g., give information for tax records or to answer complaints or questions from our users)

Show you advertising in game

Make our games and services better

You can change your cookie settings or your app permissions in Facebook and Google to control what information you share with us.

If you want to say NO and don’t want us to collect any personal information about you at all, you can always stop playing our games and using our services.

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